Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

Former Member of Parliament for Tamale Central, Inusah Fuseini, says the bill on the Promotion of Proper Sexual Human Rights and Ghanaian Family Values also known as the anti-LGBT bill will introduce more problems when passed into law.

The former lawmaker argues that the passage of the bill will likely turn every Ghanaian into a security detail expected to spy on others and report back to the state which will give rise to all manner of problems.

Speaking to Umaru Sanda Amadu on Face to Face on Citi TV, Mr. Fuseini said the description of unnatural carnal knowledge in the bill is disturbing and that there is already a law criminalizing interfering in people’s private affairs.

“As Africans, we have traditions and that is why LGBTQ+ is facing stiff opposition, and we see it as a cultural recolonization, a cultural imposition, and it is not African and I have said that unnatural carnal knowledge is an inherently private matter. It is a private matter, and we are not concerned about what goes on in the four walls of your bedroom and that is why I said the bill is trying to create a police state.

“Why should we use state resources preying on people’s private affairs when it is already an offense to do so? If you come out openly to profess you are LGBTQ+, we will not mind you but if you engage in it to the knowledge of the law enforcement agencies or responsible citizens, we will arrest you and send you to jail and there is already a law dealing with that and the bill will introduce more problems for us because they say if you are in your house, you have the responsibility to ensure members of the household uphold proper family values.”

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