Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

A teenager has been confirmed dead after he was reportedly hit by a stray bullet during a fire festival at Aboabo in the Asokore Mampong Municipality of the Ashanti Region.

The victim, 14-year-old Masawudu Absul-Aziz was said to have been hit by the bullets during a magical
display by celebrants who fired muskets amid chanting, dancing, and lighting of fire.

Some persons are also on admission following some injuries sustained due to the incident.

The deceased’s Uncle, Muaz Abdul-Baki told Citi News “My wife called me last night to inform me that the boy attended the ceremony and had been hit by a stray bullet so I quickly moved there and confirmed it was true. He was lying in a pool of blood when I got there.”

“So we reported to the police and we took him to the morgue with them after they took some pictures and observed a few things. We were there this morning too but the Commander has directed his men to go to the accident scene to undertake an investigation.”

The Fire Festival also called Bugum Festival is celebrated annually among the people of Dagbon, Mamprugu, and the Nanumba ethnic groups to mark an historical event on the Mole-Dagbon calendar.

People who have migrated from the North and currently live in the Southern part of the country come out to celebrate the festival each year.


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