Fri. Jun 21st, 2024

The Director of Faculty, Academic Affairs, and Research of the Kofi Annan International Peacekeeping Training Centre (KAIPTC) says the ECOWAS’ approach to resolving the coup in Niger is not appropriate.

Prof Kwesi Aning says the bloc is just trying to follow its protocols, which may not be needed in the current circumstance of Niger.

According to him, the bloc seems not to have learned from past events and how the sub-region of Africa has transformed.

“No. I think they’re adopting an automatic response; you’ve made a coup d’etat, the protocol says this, we’ll have to suspend you.

“ECOWAS doesn’t seem to be learning from history and doesn’t seem to be learning from the way the sub-region has transformed,” he said on Joy News’ AM Show on Wednesday.

The expert lamented that the West African bloc has been very reactive and slow in proposing solutions to worrying situations within the region.

There needs to be a different approach to dealing with corruption-related issues which have informed many coup activities, he said

“We need an incremental response system that says when we see corruption that leads to disaffection, we step in.

“We have a criterion that allows us as supranational institutions to crack the whip so that we don’t wait until the extreme happens then we just dust off these documents and begin to read what we have all signed on to,” he said.

Niger is currently in uneasiness as there has been a coup by its military. This numbers up to five coups in total as far as Niger is concerned.

The military takeover is reportedly informed by corruption, and bad governance amongst others by the administration.

It has also been reported that the activity also seeks to face out relations with France, which is said to have exploited the country of its resources over a prolonged duration.

The head of the coup plot has issued a warning to France and other foreign bodies, threatening to react aggressively should there be any sort of intervention from them.

This directive has also been backed by Burkina Faso and Mali. According to them, any attack on Niger is an indirect attack on them.

Niger has now halted Uranium export to France. In response, France has reportedly cut aid to the country.

Meanwhile, ECOWAS is warning of sanctions against Niger in the wake of the coup. It has also threatened to resort to military intervention.

But these, have been touted as a bluff from the bloc, as its past sanctions have reportedly been ineffective.


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