Fri. Jul 19th, 2024

The Ukrainian military is employing a counteroffensive strategy against Russia that is a “suicide mission,” according to a report by Asia Times, citing international military observers.

The war-torn nation has recently begun operations to retake strategic locations captured by Russian forces in the early months of the war.

However, military analysts claim that Kyiv’s efforts are violating the basic rules of military tactics.

Ukrainian soldiers have reportedly been “running around in five different directions” instead of focusing on one area at a time.

“If you want to conduct an offensive and you have a dozen brigades and a few dozen tanks, you concentrate them and try to break through,” a senior European military officer said.

He explained that the Ukrainian military has been told to stop using such “piecemeal” tactics and conduct a main thrust supported by infantry units.

Playing ‘Light Brigade’

According to the outlet, Ukrainian tanks are charging into minefields without deploying mine-clearing vehicles first.

The strategy reportedly resulted in the loss of 38 armored vehicles, including Western-supplied Leopard IIs, during the night of June 8.

“They were trained by the British, and they’re playing Light Brigade,” the officer said, pertaining to an 1854 disaster in which misinformation and miscommunication proved catastrophic for the British cavalry.

Additionally, he said that some Ukrainian tank operators are trying to pull off a “Guderian,” referring to a breakthrough during the 1940 Battle of France led by German General Heinz Guderian.

“But Guderian had 3,000 tanks, and these idiots have just gambled away the 30 they have,” he remarked.

“And without air superiority, it’s a suicide mission.”

Chance to Correct Mistakes

Ukraine’s strategy of employing Light Brigade tactics will not disturb Russia, since it has KA-50 and KA-52 attack helicopters that carry 20 missiles each.

These weapons are enough to neutralize 20 Ukrainian tanks at a standoff distance of 10 kilometers (6.2 miles), according to Asia Times.

Three of the 14 Leopard tanks provided by Germany have already been destroyed by Russian defense systems.

Military observers believe that Ukraine can still correct its mistakes by concentrating its forces, but that would “require competent military decisions, not decisions motivated by political desperation.”


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