Sat. Feb 24th, 2024

Impeccable sources from the vain yard indicate that more presidential hopefuls will resign in the coming days, which gives a clear indication that the NPP fraternity is fractured. The earlier mediation efforts, the better for the party.

If Chief Alan Kyeremanteng decides to form a new political party or go independent, it will not be good news for both the NDC and NPP. Chief Alan, as a Southerner, knows that going against two northerners on the NDC and NPP ticket will not be good for both the NPP (Vice President Dr. Bawumia) and NDC (Former President and NDC candidate John Dramani Mahama). Don’t make mistakes because our elections are always characterized by religious and ethnic considerations. The fourth Republican experiment gives credence to this assertion.

Communicators of the NPP must tread cautiously, put their arrogance aside, and digest what is ahead carefully. The NPP as a party has more to lose in the current circumstances, and it is better to take urgent steps for reconciliation than the current arrogant posture of some of the communicators of the party.

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