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In a not-so-surprising, yet surprising twist of events, prominent member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in Ghana and Former Minister for Trade and Industry, Alan John Kyerematen, has announced his decision to run as an independent candidate in the upcoming elections. 

This decision marks a significant turning point in the 67-year-old’s political career, as he has been recognized for his unwavering support and substantial contributions to the NPP over the years.

However, during a press conference held in Accra on Monday, September 25, he expressed that his dedication and efforts within the party have gone unrecognized. He further emphasized that his continued association with the party could exacerbate existing tensions and divisions, similar to the circumstances that prompted his resignation from the party back in 2008.

What makes this move even more intriguing is his choice of a political symbol – the monarch butterfly – for his new setup called the Movement For Change.

What does Alan Kyerematen’s “Monarch Butterfly” mean?

In a nation where political symbols often carry deep meaning, the emergence of the monarch butterfly has piqued the curiosity of many.

I will try to delve into the symbolism behind the monarch butterfly and its profound connection to transformation and change in the realm of Ghanaian politics. I will also explore the significance of the butterfly’s striking black and orange colors and how they mirror Kyerematen’s political journey.

The monarch butterfly, known for its striking black and orange colors, is a creature of transformation. Its journey from caterpillar to chrysalis and finally into a magnificent butterfly resonates with themes of change, rebirth, and renewal. These very themes seem to reflect Alan Cash’s own political journey and aspirations.

To understand the significance of this symbol, we must first grasp the political context. Alan has been a prominent figure within the NPP for years. His decision to go independent signifies a significant break from the party’s fold. As a wealthy entrepreneur and politician, he’s no stranger to the political landscape in Ghana. However, his choice to align himself with the monarch butterfly is a clear statement of intent.

The monarch butterfly, often hailed as the king of butterflies for its stunning beauty, carries a profound symbolism that aligns with Alan Kyerematen’s political journey. This majestic creature represents qualities of strength and endurance, which resonate with Kyerematen’s decision to break away from the NPP and pursue an independent path. Just as the monarch butterfly sustains its beliefs during its remarkable migration, Kyerematen seeks to uphold his convictions and principles.

The butterfly’s association with transformation and evolution parallels Kyerematen’s quest for political change and growth. Overall, the choice of the monarch butterfly as his symbol encapsulates the essence of his political endeavor, embracing its symbolism of resilience, spirituality, and unwavering trust in the pursuit of a better future.

Alan Kyerematen’s selection of the monarch butterfly as his political symbol, adorned in black and orange, carries significant symbolism. Alan Kyerematen’s choice of black and orange for his political symbol, the monarch butterfly, reflects a fascinating blend of color psychology.

Black, often associated with mystery and power, underscores the enigmatic nature of his departure from the NPP and his sophisticated move towards independent candidacy. However, black’s duality also hints at the mixed emotions surrounding his decision, including potential sadness or anger among party members. On the other hand, the vibrant orange in the monarch butterfly’s wings brings a burst of youthful energy and happiness. It symbolizes Kyerematen’s passion for change, his creative approach to politics, and his aim to uplift the spirits of Ghanaians as he embarks on this political journey. The combination of these colors in his symbol creates a unique visual narrative that mirrors the complexities of his political transition.

Alan Cash’s transformation from a party loyalist to an independent candidate with the monarch butterfly as his symbol is undeniably a remarkable shift in Ghana’s political landscape.

It is a symbol of change and renewal that he hopes will resonate with the electorate. As the 2024 elections draw nearer, all eyes will be on Alan and his political journey, hoping to witness the powerful transformation of a caterpillar into a majestic butterfly in the realm of Ghanaian politics.


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