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Accra, 31 December 2023 – In its end-of-year review of Ghana’s security situation, the Africa Center for Security and Counterterrorism (ACSC) underscored the need for parliamentary reforms to improve the accountability of security institutions and public trust.

During a press conference today, the ACSC highlighted positives, such as the foiling of a terrorist plot, but also raised concerns over rising cases of police brutality, delayed investigative reports, and limited outcomes from parliamentary probes into key scandals.

“With the controversial findings on the leaked tape saga, for instance, many are unconvinced the full truth has come out. In too many cases, committee reports are restricted within parliament rather than released for public scrutiny,” the organization stated.

The ACSTC pointed to the vital role parliament ought to play in enacting changes to enhance security sector governance and oversight. However, the center argued that recent committee probes had lacked timeliness and transparency and failed to deliver substantive reforms.

It urged parliament to prioritize legislative changes to improve the accountability of security forces and repair eroded public trust in state institutions. The center also advised enforcing existing laws without political interference.

“Ghana’s security resilience depends on building strong institutions focused on citizens’ needs, not the whims of the powerful. We hope parliament will lead the way in 2024 through reforms that consolidate our democracy,” the ACSC statement read.

The critique of parliament’s security sector oversight comes amidst growing insecurity in West Africa. Ghana is under pressure to guard against extremism and organized crime. The center’s call is likely to spur debate on whether security institutions are acting in citizens’ interests. Find below a statement issued by its Executive Director, Emmanuel Mawanye Kotin, in Accra.

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