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Accra, 1 January 1, 2024 The Africa Center for Security and Counterterrorism (ACSC) rang in the new year by calling on all stakeholders to ensure peaceful, transparent, and inclusive elections in Ghana in 2024.

In a statement to mark the dawn of 2024, the ACSC offered warm wishes for unity and prosperity to Ghanaians while underscoring the importance of democratic principles ahead of the upcoming presidential and parliamentary polls.

“The ACSTC emphasizes the critical importance of peaceful elections and the indispensable role of political parties, their leaders, and all stakeholders in upholding the democratic values that are fundamental to Ghana’s progress,” the statement read.

It urged constructive dialogue, mutual understanding, and group collaboration to reflect the people’s will through the election process.

Analysts described the timely reminder from the ACSC as a positive step to lay the foundation for peaceful polls as election activities start gaining momentum this year.

Ghana has won praise for its democratic record. However, incidents of intimidation, disputes over results, and pockets of election-related violence have marred previous votes.

The ACSC’s call reinforces the need for tolerance, transparency, and the rule of law to prevail as Ghana prepares for another power transfer.

With campaigning by the NPP, NDC and other parties expected to heat up, the emphasis on national unity and inclusive elections is seen as a welcome New Year’s message.

The ACSC supported all groups working to uphold Ghana’s democracy and stability. Find the press release by its Executive Director, Mr. Emmanuel Mawanye Kotin.

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